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“All I want is the best deal!”  The best deal is to sell your home for the highest price.  Ragetté Real Estate will sell your home for the highest price, not the second highest price.  Most sellers are looking for a real estate professional they can trust to represent them in the sale of your home. 

You should know that we do not pay our agents a higher commission
if your home is sold to one of our company’s buyers.

Many real estate companies pay the agent who is allegedly representing you; more commission to sell your home to one of their company’s buyers versus one from another company.  In other words the agent is discouraged from having a buyer from outside their company reach an agreement to purchase your home.  A buyer from outside their company may be willing to pay you a higher price for your home, but they are not given the opportunity to do so because the agent would be paid less commission by their company.  Their company’s goal with such a policy is to collect the entire commission and not share it with anyone.  Companies that claim they have market share and others that offer discounted fees are notorious for having this policy as well.  In the end you unknowingly, may sell your home for less.

You may be interviewing agents or two from other companies.  They typically do not mention they are paid a higher commission (bonus) by their company for representing the interests of their company above yours.  By not informing you of this policy they are violating their fiduciary responsibility to you. 

Ragetté Real Estate knows these policies are not in a client’s best interest and does not offer any bonus commissions to our agents for what is known as an “in-house” deal.

We Always put your interest first, above our own.
That is what you are hiring us to do, it's also the law.


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