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Our clients rave about their experience working with us!

"The most knowledgeable real estate agent I met all of last year; not too intrusive while showing properties and was able to comply with all of my requests from day 1 of showing properties to closing. Made my entire experience completely turnkey and easy... highly recommended to anyone in the Westchester, NY area."
- Danny Giardullo
“Thank you for being there! When other Realtors turned their backs on us in a month, you walked beside us until we found the right home. You listened when others didn’t. When others showed us homes they wanted to sell, you showed us ones we wanted to buy. Because of your patience, understanding, skill, resources and knowledge of the business, you helped us close on the right choice! Who else would’ve helped us move into our new home from dawn until dusk? You truly are a good soul!”
- Edward & Michelle Birdsall

"Ralph represented me as a buyer's agent during my first time home-buying experience. Throughout this process he was nothing but professional and helpful. He was also knowledgeable, diligent and hard- working. Most importantly, he was very tactful and respectful.

What mattered to me as well was that Ragetté Real Estate is a family owned business. Both Ralph and the company definitely had the hands-on approach and were always ready to answer any questions or resolve any concerns I had through the process. The personal approach is seldom found in today's market that is saturated with big impersonal real estate companies.

In addition, he is very friendly and personable and would definitely be of great assistance throughout anybody's real estate purchase or sale process."

- Magda Kielar
"Saying thank you doesn’t seem to really cover how grateful I am to you for all the time and effort you put in finding the perfect house for me. Our journey together was certainly a long one but definitely well worth it and memorable. When all others tried to push me to locations I didn’t want to be in and far above my price range, you made sure that was not going to happen even when I had doubts. Your patience is by far immeasurable as in your sense of humor. You more than entertained some of my mother’s requests and some of my bad picks. There was never an unanswered question. If I wanted to know about electric amps, oil tank gallons, load bearing walls or ridge vents you made sure that I had an answer where as others told me the inspector will worry about that stuff. You never got frustrated by my “teacher need to know curiosity.” There was never a time when I didn’t fully understand how processes were carried out and what steps to take next. I appreciate the respect and consideration that you always gave especially when I was indecisive. You were always ready with great advice and a list of pros and cons to help out. You truly are a superb agent!!!! Agent of the Year in my opinion!!! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be holding the keys to my house. All of your clients, myself included, are truly lucky to work with someone as intelligent, honest, trusting, patient and hard working as you. Many thanks again and wishes for success."
- Lori Mason
"He is an excellent agent and I really appreciate his personality and professional help in purchasing my current apartment. As a buyer agent, he played an active role in between me and the sellers agent and even with my attorney. When we have trouble in arranging a quick closing date, he was the one to solve the problem. I owe him great thanks. Surely I will recommend him to anyone I know. If the top score is 10, I will give him 11!"
- Li Chen

"For the longest time since the big (final) sale I have been meaning to send you a royal testimonial showing appreciation in all you had done in taking the time and effort in explaining, or should I say educating, me in how the real estate business works (at least with co-op’s).

Your professionalism is superb and your kindness and patience was well received.

I’m not going to breakout the violin; you are terrific not only for what you do, but who you are! Thank you for everything and Happy New Year!"
- Carl and Gierre DelPrincipe

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