Public School | Grades: Pre K - 12

Mount Vernon City School District

165 North Columbus Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10552     
(914) 665-5000      Official District Website

Located just twenty miles outside of New York City in Westchester County, the Mount Vernon City School District is comprised of eleven elementary schools, one middle school, and three high schools. The district is currently going to implement a restructuring of schools...

"Recognizing the importance of early literacy for student success, the 20/20 Vision will implement a district-wide full-day universal pre-kindergarten program. This program will be housed in both neighborhood schools and an early childhood education-learning center at Parker Elementary School. This restructuring will create the space necessary to implement a K-8 configuration district-wide (Pennington, Holmes, Traphagen, Lincoln, and Columbus will become Pre-K-8 buildings. Williams, Grimes, Graham, Turner and Hamilton schools will become K-8, with the new Parker Early Learning Center housing the Pre-K programs for those schools. The Turner schools will provide a K-5, then a 6-8)." - Mount Vernon School District Website

Edward Williams Elementary School Nelson Mandela High School Cecil H. Parker Elementary School Graham Elementary School Columbus Elementary School Lincoln Elementary School Hamilton Elementary School Grimes Elementary School

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Average Price $541K
Lowest Price $17
Highest Price $6.3M
Total Listings 138
Avg. Days On Market 92
Avg. Price/SQFT $7.5K

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