A Letter From Our Broker

Dear Real Estate Professional and Future Real Estate Professionals,

Ragetté Real Estate has witnessed a lot of changes in the real estate industry during its 136-year history. Having survived the great depression, two world wars, and a number of roller-coaster real estate markets, we continue to persevere. Our latest challenge is a combination of events some of which the industry has never seen before. The end housing boom that brought a saturation of licensees into the market, competitive bidding and consumer distrust with the process, acceptance of the internet by the consumer as a means to educate themselves on real estate, new agency regulations, and the introduction of different business models competing for top agents.

These challenges necessitated a change in company culture. Changing corporate culture is heavy-duty stuff. You do it because you have to in a desperate attempt to survive. Or if you're lucky and smart enough-you do it before you have to, knowing you must if the organization is going to maintain a competitive edge in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

Ragetté Real Estate has the vision and the culture to successfully meet today's challenges. We are a performance-based organization that rewards the successes of its agents. We are dedicated to excellence, with a management team committed to succeeding. We hire only the best agents who also have the vision to succeed and want a positive culture for success.

Ragetté Real Estate, a dominant brand name throughout Westchester County and the most trusted name in Westchester Real Estate.


Ralph R. Ragetté, CRS, GRI
Broker / Owner, Ragetté Real Estate

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