The Most Competitive Commission Plans in Westchester

Commission splits are based on your previous twelve months’ “Gross Commission Income Production”.  If you are just joining us, show us proof of your GCI or Earnings while with your former broker and we will make the calculation for you so you know where you will begin.

Here’s how the plan works: It helps you quickly move to a very high split. Read the table from left to right.  Each level is its own plan.  Don’t start at level 1 and move down to level 2, etc. Your level is your previous year's GCI.  It’s the only level on the chart that relates to you.  For example, if in the last twelve months your GCI was $100,000 then you would start on Level 3.  If you were a new associate with no GCI history or your GCI for the last twelve months was less than $72,200 you would start at level one.

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